Control vehicle movements – electronic systems and pneumatic components

The introduction of the pneumatic disc brake marked a revolutionary improvement in traffic safety. The next step was to add electronic controllers to the pneumatic systems. Today, these controllers ensure braking power is available and optimized even in the most difficult weather conditions. Vehicles remain stable on the road, even in critical situations.

Almost all heavy-duty commercial vehicles worldwide generate the actual force needed to close their wheel brakes using compressed air. Many different detailed elements ensure the reliability of these pneumatic systems in practice is close to 100 percent. Digitization is offering new opportunities in this area as well.

Redundancy as the next milestone for safety

The next quantum leap for driving safety today is driver assistance systems, which are taking over the market in ever-growing numbers. On the braking system level, Knorr-Bremse is working on redundant solutions that will, in particular, advance the safety of highly automated and autonomous vehicles.

The solution in detail:


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