• The digitally networked commercial vehicle – into the future, as part of the whole

  • The digitally networked commercial vehicle – into the future, as part of the whole

More and more, individual commercial vehicles are considered an organic part of extensive networks. Increasing connectivity improves the efficiency of road transport on many different levels. Knorr-Bremse is promoting this development with its solutions alongside its Spanish subsidiary Cojali.

Just like any other complex machine, commercial vehicles generate an abundance of data. The environmental conditions the vehicle is exposed to and the way it is driven have a significant impact on a variety of factors: Wear and tear on and maintenance of the vehicle, the condition of the goods that are transported, route planning, or arrival time. The collection, analysis, and provision of this data and the information derived from it are changing the market and transportation services as a whole. Operators benefit from higher efficiency in planning maintenance, repair processes, and fleet management. Drivers receive support in their everyday routines. The multi-brand compatibility of the software used is just as important as the security of the systems employed.

The diagnostic system as the foundation for more

By purchasing a majority share in Cojali, a global developer and manufacturer of diagnostic systems for commercial vehicles, Knorr-Bremse has strengthened its position as a system partner in the global growth market of digital, networked solutions. Jaltest Diagnostics, Cojali's diagnostic system, can be used to detect errors in any make and model of vehicle. Currently, Jaltest Diagnostics already covers more than 6,000 models and 200 makes of commercial vehicles. In addition, it not only delivers error analyses, but also provides support for correcting faults and ongoing data analysis.

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Stationary and mobile diagnostics

Jaltest Diagnostics makes it possible to conduct diagnostics on the vehicle while it is in the workshop, and provides comprehensive support for repair processes. NEO, Knorr-Bremse's previous diagnostics solution, will soon be integrated into Jaltest Diagnostics as an expansion. This will allow Knorr-Bremse to offer greater diagnostic depth for its products than any other manufacturer.

The remote diagnostics solution Jaltest Telematics makes it possible to identify errors and assess how critical they are while the vehicle is in operation. This allows fleet operators to better plan time spent in the workshop. Knorr-Bremse and Cojali will develop the system together with an eye towards preventative maintenance. In the future, it will be possible to predict when certain errors will occur through collecting and analyzing data. This will further improve coordination of time spent in the workshop and transportation orders, and ultimately help avoid even more downtime.

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Many additional options on a single platform

Jaltest Diagnostics and Jaltest Telematics make huge quantities of data available. This includes data drawn from monitoring vehicle components and workshop diagnostics, as well as data on fuel consumption, speedometer data, remaining travel times, and much more. It is also possible to analyze driving behavior.

Further development of the system aims to provide Jaltest Solutions to workshops and fleet operators alike as a comprehensive platform that makes all of this information available through one central system. After the remote diagnostic system issues an alarm, for example, the operator can directly view the location of the closest workshop, whether the shop has a repair slot free at the required time, and whether it has the right parts available. The workshop can receive repair information before the vehicle arrives at the depot, while dispatchers know how long the vehicle will be down for, and drivers normally booked for the vehicle can receive targeted information on how to drive so as to reduce wear and tear on vehicles. In this approach, the vehicle is an integral part of the overall logistics and support chain.

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